Construction Contractors



Telephone numbers in 495, 499, 496 and 498 area codes

Automatic access for international and long distance communications

Multichannel phone number services

Digital ISDN PRI phone services over the dedicated E-1 channels

Easy-to-remember numbers in area codes 495 and 499

Teleconferencing for Remote Offices

On-line PBX

Toll-free numbers 8-800

LAN cabling of Buildings


CCTV for Construction Areas

Internet Access over Dedicated Channels

System Integration

Project Preparation and Installation of Local Information Systems; End-to-End Structured Cabling Solutions.

LAN Installation and Support

Project Preparation and Installation of Electrical Power Systems

Project Preparation, Installation and Maintenance of Security, CCTV, Fire Signalization and Fire Suppression Systems.

Complete Network Administration and Support


Cable TV


Other Services

Office Space Brokerage