Company History

At the present time

Nauka Telecom provides a full range of state of the art, high quality telecommunications services.


Nauka Telecom LLC continually expands its Moscow metropolitan and Moscow Network Presence.

Its Moscow network has been increased by 600 km of fiber. Dozens of large enterprises with developed networks of locations have become clients of Nauka Telecom.

Nauka Telecom launched a high speed wireless internet access gear in Klin and Narofominsk. The companys optical cables were laid in Schyolkovo and Lesnoy Gorodok.

A network with data and voice capabilities has been installed in Tver, which allowed the company to offer a full suite of services, while adding a significant growth to its subscriber base.

Nauka Telecom acquired, now owns and operates the optical backbone network between Moscow, Tula, Lipezk and Voronezh, and between Moscow and Zhukovsky.

Together with ATEKS, Nauka Telecom has begun to develop a data telecommunications network in Ryibinsk, Yaroslavl Region.

A governmental contract with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has been signed.

Nauka Telecom acquired 100% of the shares of ZAO Contact — the carrier with a full range of telecommunications services in Tula.

The company has been granted the certificate of ZyXEL Authorized System Integrator status.

Nauka Telecom LLC has obtained a full membership in the Construction Organizations Union.


Nauka Telecom LLC became one of the ten largest telecommunications carriers in Russia, and was rated to take 309th place along telecommunications carriers worldwide, as per independent research

The company continues to grow its subscribers base. All customers of Telecom Service Company were migrated onto Nauka Telecoms network in 2009.

Nauka Telecom started to interconnect clients via IPv6 protocol.

Nauka Telecom upgraded the capacity of its international network between Moscow and Frankfurt to 10 Gbps.

Nauka Telecom LLC continues to actively increase its presence in the regions, and builds its own network in Tula and Tver.

Nauka Telecom won the modernization project tender to restructure the local network for Scientific Research Institute of Fast Aid, named after Sclifosovskiy.

20,000 students and 1,700 teachers of the Moscow Aviation Institute have started to use Nauka Telecoms Services.

The unique biometric data safety system was installed for the College of Small Businesses.

Nauka Telecom accepts payments through any Russian Mail post office for clients convenience.


Development of Nauka Telecom has been financed by one of the most successful investing company Russian Funds. Russian Funds is involved with fund management, and with raising venture capital to develop promising projects, that includes the merger and acquisitions market.

Nauka Telecom LLC acquired several carriers, while successfully integrated their facilities into its network. The largest being in Obninsk, and the Agency of Electric Communications [Agenstvo Electrosvyazi] in Moscow.

Nauka Telecom increased capacity of its international network backbone from 2.5 Gbps to 4.5 Gbps.

Nauka Telecom LLC launched its Data Management Center in Moscow.


Nauka Telecom LLC has opened POPs in Tula and Belgorod, in accordance to its regional program.

Nauka Telecom increased its backbone capacity of the international channels 4 times: from 625 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps.

The company finished the construction and launched the fiber optic ring and radial fiber channels along the major highways of Moscow. This has allowed Nauka telecom to provide telecommunications services throughout the territory of the megalopolis.

Nauka Telecom LLC reached CIS countries by starting to provide telecommunications services in Ukraine via its sister company Topnet.


A license to provide international and long distance voice services was granted to Nauka Telecom by the Ministry of Information Technologies and the Communications of Russian Federation.

An International Network was created between Moscow — St. Petersburg — Stockholm — Frankfurt — London — New York and Frankfurt — Kiev with a maximum backbone capacity of 625 Mbps. This was in accordance with their network development plan, and established a transcontinental network.

Nauka Telecom interconnects to the major international telecommunications carriers Cogent, Colt, Deutsche Telecom, Global Crossing, Hibernia Atlantic, O2 and Telefonica at its International POPs.


The company began to provide telecommunications services to consumers. Voice equipment was installed in several districts of Moscow and nearest Moscow Suburbs.

Nauka Telecom LLC developed and successfully marketed new products. Nauka Telecom established its new experience as a LEC, by wiring home buildings as it built networks for the «living» districts of Moscow.

Nauka Telecom has actively increased its presence in several regions, upgrading network equipment, and grew its subscriber base.


Nauka Telecom Ivanovo — the Ivanovo branch of Nauka Telecom grew rapidly, becoming the largest alternative telecommunications carrier in Ivanovo region.

Network POPS were open in the large Russian cities St. Petersburg, Ryibinsk and Stary Oskol.

The company has effectively implemented serious network builds, as business needs had grown. The network for the construction giant Crost was launched. Crost was the leader in the construction market at that time.

Nauka Telecom has gotten the first experience in acquiring companies. TopStroyInvest Telecom was acquired, and the operations were successfully integrated.


The number of companys clients has significantly grown. Clients now include large, and medium enterprises, and governmental organizations. Contracts are being signed with telecommunications carriers, publishing, media companies and business-centers.

Nauka Telecom presented its regional development program at the International Trade Expo SvyazExpoComm 2003.

The Automatic System of Communication with Clients TTMS was launched. This system united all departments of the company.


Nauka Telecom has continued connecting new enterprise clients to its network in Moscow and Moscow suburb.

The company has begun the network build outside of the Capital, plans to provide telecommunications in other large industrial and cultural centers of the country.

The company improves the quality of customer service. 24/7 customer service was added to the round-the-clock services of engineers on duty. Strict internal rules have allowed to decrease the number of trouble tickets and to expedite the process of repairs.


Nauka Telecom LLC continued to build its optical network in Moscow.

The company established the network POPs at the main Moscow telecom traffic exchange points M-9 and M-10, which allowed the entry into the new market of wholesale telecommunications services for the Moscow and Moscow suburb carriers.


Nauka Telecom LLC began to build its Telecommunications Network. One of the first projects was to connect the largest publishing house Pressa. Media companies — the popular newspapers such as Komsomolskaya Pravda and Rossiyskaya Gazeta, magazines Expert and Antenna have also become its clients.


Nauka Telecom LLC was formed as a common communications carrier to provide communications services to a wide range of users from The Governmental Organizations, Enterprises, Telecommunications Carriers, and Individual Consumers.


Nayka Telecom provides a full range of telecommunications services to Businesses, Consumers and Telecommunications Carriers, including triple play and systems integration. Main areas served are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula, Tver, Belgorod and other cities of Russia.


The client base includes large governmental and business organizations, the prominent broadcast and publishing companies, as well as telecommunications carriers, ISPs and building LECs.